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We want you to visit before reserving a kitten from us, and preferably several times. That way we stick to a good dialogue, the waiting time does not feel nearly as long and you are allowed to see the everyday life our cats live in and the environment the kittens grow up in.
Conversely, we as breeders are allowed to get to know you a little, and we thereby ensure a good match for your particular family.
We would also encourage you to familiarize yourself well with the needs of the breed and thereby ensure that just one ragdoll fits into your family.

The Ragdoll Club has prepared some good advice when buying a kitten

Good advice before buying a kitten

Many "real" kittens without a pedigree are sold and they are sold cheaply in relation to what a kitten with a pedigree costs. But for many, it ends up being a really expensive experience. There are strings of stories about how many have regretted not just paying the little extra to get the pedigree on the kitten, and thereby also give themselves a security. So it is not the pedigree that costs when you buy a kitten.
When you choose to buy a purebred cat with a pedigree, you will get a kitten that has been bred for health and socialization. Where mother and father cat have been tested disease-free for the most common. diseases and the cats are included as members of the family and are in the hands everyday.
We always recommend that before buying, take the time to visit different breeders, notice if the chemistry is present between you and the breeder, if you feel informed about the mother cat, vessel and the kitten you are interested in. It also gives you the opportunity to assess the temperament of the mother-cat and check before reserving her future kitten so that it does not become a quick ill-considered decision.
When the time has come for you to bring your kitten home, you will get a kitten home that has been vaccinated. 2 times and among others. a. has received deworming etc. it has also been cared for by a veterinarian several times during the 12-14 weeks it has already lived.
Should, unexpectedly, illness occur in the cat after it has left home, whether it is diarrhea or the like, then there is a guarantee for you as a buyer that we (buyer and seller) will always be in dialogue about the right solution .
Nogle gange sker det at killingerne forlader hjemmet, med sygdomme som ikke er opdaget ved de første dyrlægebesøg, og som måske først kommer til syne når katten vokser. Det er uheldigt og beklageligt, men her er det vigtigt at der er en åben dialog køber og opdrætter imellem.

As the Ragdoll club is occasionally contacted by unlucky kitten buyers who have experienced problems with e.g. sick kittens without pedigree or had boring experiences in connection with communication with the breeder, 10 good tips have been written down which you can decide whether it is the right home for you to buy a kitten from.

  1. Do all cats and kittens look healthy and well? (A healthy cat does not have runny eyes, snotty nose, bristle fur, the stomach is not rumpled / abnormally thick, the cat does not smell of feces)
  2. Are there many cats / kittens in the same area?
  3. Does the kitten live in the breeder's home under hygienic conditions, and where does it have the opportunity to be socialized?
  4. Are the kittens confident in humans?
  5. Is the breeder informative and open?
  6. Is there good chemistry between you and the breeder?
  7. Is there a pedigree, contract and health book from the vet with your kitten?
  8. Is the kitten vaccinated before moving away from home (we recommend that all pet cats are neutralized and vaccinated twice before moving to a new home)
  9. Listen to reason in yourself and never buy out of pity, as you thereby support the dubious breeding
  10. If in doubt, wait to buy / reserve and contact Ragdollklubben Denmark for advice and guidance